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Water is lives. 70 percent of the human body exist of water which we must supply to our organism continually. So that one does something good to himself also really with every gulp, one should filter the tap water and descale drinking water, before one brews up, for example, water for tea or coffee. Since the wet element puts back a wide way by pipes and management systems, before it bubbles of cocks and shower heads. On this long trip it is put out to the numerous pollutions which can have effects on taste, Genießbarkeit and, in the end, even the human health. With the water treatment plants for the household of SMK Aquasystem you receive pure drinking water by button pressure.

Aqua Systems they arouse enthusiasm

Our most important food is the water. However, water is not same to water. Get to know still today drinking pleasure and pure water – with our Aquasystem.

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By button pressure pure water

Pure drinking water, filtered and freely from impure materials. All that by button pressure and daily: our systems make this possible! Read more over water filter.

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Taste the difference

Processed water better tastes, is healthier and makes good mood! Taste the difference and enjoy still today your drink with processed water.

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Drinking waters descale and provide for pure pleasure

SMK Aquasystem instal high-quality, actual filter arrangements slightly to be served in private households and commercial rooms for more than 20 years. On account of medical practise, office complex, fitness studio or industrial hall – we provide everywhere for individual filter solutions where processed water is required.

Thus our special osmosis filters clean the drinking water nearly completely from all pollutants and produce for you water in his original form. Because at every time processed drinking water is not required, determine quite comfortably by one single keystroke whether the built-in arrangement should work. With our systems you optimise your water by your own need. If you trust SMK Aquasystem, profit from:

  • a free offer production
  • to our comprehensive service with you on site
  • to a friendly and competent Kundensupport
  • to small prices
  • to qualitatively high-quality products
  • to pure and tasty drinking water

With the Wasserenthärter arrangements of SMK Aquasystem you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand you reach an unexpected new quality of the water which reaches your household and flows, finally, from the connections.

A drinking water descaler is inalienable above all when you process your mineral water about a Trinkwasser-Sprudler. On the other hand you protect those household appliances efficiently which work in any manner with water. If you liked to be interested in our molecular dividing filter technologies and descale in future your drinking water, you can contact us any time.

We are available to you personally, on the phone, by e-mail or about our electronic contact form with pleasure.

SMK Aqua Systems for the household, the trade or industry.

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